Choosing the Right Smartphone

 on Wednesday, September 3, 2014  

Smartphones make our lives easier, because they were created to make all human activities well managed. Emails, meetings, photos, location sharing, music, connecting with friends via social media, all are made easier and can be managed using our fingertips. Here are some tips for choosing a smartphone.

Make sure you really need a smartphone: Using a smartphone requirees knowledge, and costs more for an internet data plan. If you do not need all the features of a smartphone, why not use a regular feature phone that can connect to the internet instead?

Adjust your budget: Don’t buy a smartphone that does not fit your budget. Once bought, the value of a smartphone falls fast. Do note that there are a lot of good smartphones with competitive prices in the market from less famous brands.

Find a suitable OS (Operating System): Searching for an OS that suits you is like searching for a soulmate. There’s Android, BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone; which one suits you? Usually the one that is widely used by the people around you, with a wide network of sales and service centers. Or if you’re an independent person, choose whichever you like.

Play around and be happy: Follow the steps above, explore, and have fun with your smartphone.

Choose the Carrier :
Dont waste time by checking all smartphones that are there in the market. If you are bound with any carrier, or have decided about which carrier to go with, then there is not any meaning of checking smartphones that are not in the stores of your selected carrier. By choosing the carrier, the huge crowd of smartphones turns into a small list, and thus it becomes simple to pick the right smartphone. So choose the carrier before moving ahead.

Set Budget :
This is highly important. There is not any sense in checking the smartphones that have got the price tag that is beyond your reach. Checking the smartphone with price tag that you can’t afford, is nothing but a waste of time only. Therefore, before you start checking the smartphones, set the budget.

Choose the OS :
Done with choosing carrier and setting budget? The next thing that can narrow the list of smartphones, is choosing the operating system. Well, you might know that along with the hardware features, software features matter a lot. The experience that you will be having with your smartphone depends on the operating system it runs. If you are not sure which is best for you, then just do a quick search on Google about the features of any particular OS. After knowing about all OSes, you can easily decide the perfect one for you. Android, iOS and Windows Phone are the major smartphone operating systems these days.

Know Your Needs :
If you have performed all previous steps, then the list of smartphones to be checked is very small. Now it’s time to know your needs. There is not any meaning of checking smartphones with high-end media features if the only thing you want is Internet. In such case, you should look for the smartphones that offer high-end Internet experience. Do you want a smartphone for playing high-end games? If you want so, then you should go for a smartphone with fast processor, RAM and high storage capacity. Also decide that whether you want a smartphone for photography purposes. If this is so, then smartphone with high quality camera is what is meant for you. Apart from these, decide what features you want in other fields such as Connectivity, battery, screen size etc.

Try the Smartphone :
Many carriers have money back policy. If your selected one also has, then there is not any risk in going for the smartphone that you picked by following the above tips. So, try the smartphone and if it does not please you, then get your money back within grace period.

Choosing the Right Smartphone 4.5 5 Agustinus Darto Iwan Setiawan Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Choosing, Right, Smartphone Smartphones make our lives easier, because they were created to make all human activities well managed. Emails, meetings, photos, location s...


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